Police Fire Tear Gas Into Central Paris Migrant Camp As Riot Rages (Video)

Violence has flared in one of the many Paris migrant ‘transit camps’ that have flourished in the city this week, with special police deployed to quell the riot.

Angered migrants threw missiles and charged one another with iron and wooden bars at the Stalingrad Metro on Thursday night, with the chaos caught on camera by the inhabitant of a neighbouring apartment. The extraordinary violence is reported to have started when a drunk man threw an object at the migrants, who returned in kind by throwing street furniture and strips of metal, reports Le Parisien.

Specialist police of the undercover ‘Anti-Crime Brigade’ were called to the scene, and riot police showered cannisters of tear-gas down on the rioting migrants to clear the area. The men being repulsed were primarily of Eritrean, Sudanese, and Afghan origin.

Plain-clothes ‘Anti-Crime Brigade’ officers patrol France’s so-called Z.U.S.  ‘sensitive urban zones’ — better known as ‘no go zones’ — in unmarked cars and receive special weapons and vehicle training.