22-Year-Old Woman ‘Told by Allah’ in Dream to Kill Jews

Shatila Abu Iyadh, 22, who carried out a stabbing attack in Rosh HaAyin earlier this month was indicted for attempted murder at the Central District Court in Lod on Sunday.

According to the indictment, a dream, in which “the prophet” searched for her, inspired Iydah to become more religious and “kill Jews” as part of her new religious obligations to Allah.

The decision to carry out a stabbing attack was only taken after Idyah failed in implementing a far more deadly attack. Indeed, she set about purchasing the necessary materials to produce a bomb, which she learned to assemble from the internet, and intended to plant in two restaurants in Afek industrial park in Rosh HaAyin. Furthermore, she purchased nuts and bolts intended to maximize the damage.