Teacher Interrupts Student’s Lunch Prayer — Says It’s ‘Against the Constitution’

AN, W.Va. – Man High School student Ben May wants to start a Christian revival at his school, but at least one teacher attempted to shut him down.

prayerstoppedThe teen recently began preaching about his Christian faith to his classmates during his lunch hour, and the discussions have convinced 16 students to follow God, May told WSAZ.

But a teacher at his school apparently didn’t like the lunchtime sermons and decided to interrupt the student prayer circle Tuesday, prompting students to vent their frustration over social media.

“A teacher walked up and told us we couldn’t do that at school because it was against the Constitution and that apparently we were offending people,” student Skyler Moore said.

Moore was recording May’s sermon and had just stopped the video to pray when the teacher butted in, he said.

“We told her we had a right to pray and that they couldn’t stop us,” he said.

Logan County Schools Superintendent Phyllis Doty denied that the teacher, who was not identified, told students to stop praying, but may have told them they needed to change locations. Students, meanwhile, insist the teacher told them to stop.