Trump Vows Mexico Border Wall Will Be Built Within Two Years

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Wednesday that his proposed wall across the U.S.-Mexico border would be completed within two years.

“I would say it would be complete within two years from the time we start, we’ll start quickly,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity at a town hall in Pittsburgh, Pa. “We’ll start quickly, and it will be a real wall. It will be a real wall.”

The self-imposed deadline was the most detail Trump has offered about his controversial proposal aimed at preventing illegal immigration. At one point, the crowd at the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall began chanting “Build the wall! Build the wall!”

Trump followed that outburst with a call-and-response, asking the crowd “Who’s gonna pay for the wall?” 

After the crowd responded, “Mexico!”, Trump told Hannity, “They’ll pay in one form or another.”