More ISIS Destruction in Notorious Bible City

The Islamic State has destroyed another archaeological treasure – the ancient Mashqi Gate in the biblical city of Nineveh, adjacent to modern Mosul, Iraq, reported United Press International.

Nineveh, once capital of the ancient Assyrian empire and then-largest city in the ancient world – its walls so thick chariots could race along the top – was synonymous with wickedness according to the biblical record.

The Prophet Jonah reluctantly, but successfully, preached a message of repentance there after spending three days in the belly of a fish. A prophesied judgment against the city – “Nineveh is laid waste!” – described in detail its coming destruction in 612 B.C. Six centuries later, Jesus declared those of his generation who ignored Him would be judged by the men of Nineveh who had repented at the warning of Jonah.