ALERT! Section 8 In Baltimore County


     Advocates for the expansion of Section 8 or the Housing Choice Voucher are holding a Rally on Monday April 18th at the County Council Meeting in Towson. ITS TIME TO FIGHT BACK SHOW UP AND VOICE YOUR OPINION to the County Council. Demonstrate that we have had enough Section 8 housing and it’s time to protect our quality of life and the values of our homes.


     Politicians in the County Council will cave in to pressure from these outsiders and misinformation in the Baltimore Sun. Landlords have the right to refuse Section 8 Vouchers. It’s unconstitutional to force them by law to accept Section 8 or the Housing Choice Vouchers. The poverty rate in Baltimore County has increased by 30% costing county taxpayer more of their income. Vacant houses are now joining Section 8 houses degrading our neighborhoods. It is time to stop being silent and allow these social engineers to destroy our county. Contact and forward to your friends,spread the word, post on face book and stand up for Baltimore County Show up on……..

Monday, April 18th 2016


County Council Chambers/Historic Towson Courthouse

400 Washington Ave. Towson, MD 21204

Please arrive early so you can speak and have seating

*****Please see letter below*****

                                                    Attend Rally for Source of Income Anti-Discrimination Law in Baltimore County

      The Housing Choice Voucher program is designed to give low income individuals a chance to live in an economically integrated community with good schools and low crime.  But many landlords refuse to take these vouchers and those who do are concentrated in less affluent areas of Baltimore County. This goes against the program’s goal of deconcentrating poverty.

          However, as part of its recent legal settlement to rectify decades of racial discrimination in housing, the County Executive must introduce legislation that bans this type of discrimination, known as the HOME Act. Advocates have spoken to several members of the County Council and they’ve been sympathetic. However, given the county’s longstanding hostility towards affordable housing, many of them are reluctant to support support such legislation. If the HOME Act is to be passed, it will require strong grassroots activism from the citizens of Baltimore County.

         The Baltimore County Coalition for the Homeless will be holding its 13th Annual Rally for the Homeless and passage of the HOME Act April 18th at 5pm. We encourage all individuals interested into fair housing, especially Baltimore County residents, to join us as we march to the Baltimore County Council Chambers and support those testifying in support of the HOME Act and better services for homeless individuals.