Bryan Adams Cancels Mississippi Concert Over LGBT Rights BUT PLAYED MUSLIM COUNTRIES

This is classic leftism. Rocker Bryan Adams has cancelled a concert in Mississippi because he thinks the state isn’t friendly enough to the LGBT community.

Of course, he had no problem cashing in on concerts in countries like Egypt, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates where gay people get a death sentence.

Legal Insurrection reported:

Is it an epidemic? Yet another decades-old rockstar miraculously found a feigned moral superiority soapbox. Canadian rocker Brian Adams, most famous for his early 90s hits, has decided Mississippi’s religious freedom laws are too draconian for his liking.

ABC News reported:

Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is canceling a performance this week in Mississippi, citing the state’s new law that allows religious groups and some private businesses to refuse service to gay couples.

Adams said in a statement Sunday night that he was canceling a show Thursday at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi.

The singer says he can’t “in good conscience” perform in a state where “certain people are being denied their civil rights due to their sexual orientation.”