2,817 Bills Introduced, 834 Passed; Here’s the Fate of Some

There were 2,817 bills introduced at the Maryland General Assembly this session; 834 passed both houses (listed here) and have been sent to the governor for his approval. Many were local legislation, relating to only one or two counties, including almost 100 bills tweaking the crazy quilt of liquor laws throughout the state.

Here is what happened to some of the bills covered in depth by MarylandReporter.com, from end of life options and birth injuries to poultry litter.

END-OF-LIFE OPTIONS: Sponsored by Del. Shane Pendergrass, D-Howard, thecontroversial bill, HB404, that would have made Maryland the sixth state to allow terminally ill patients to take their own lives with the assistance of lethal drugs. It never moved out of the Health and Government Operations and Judiciary committees after the Senate version was withdrawn by its sponsor for lack of support.