3 Charged in Shooting at Police Station Held 30 More Days


3 charged in shooting at police station held 30 more days

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) — Three brothers charged in a shooting outside a police station that led to an officer’s death will be held in jail for another 30 days.

Judge Robert Heffron Jr. found probable cause to hold the men in the case Wednesday. Prosecutors are expected to seek indictments within that window.

Police have said 22-year-old Michael Ford was driven to the Prince George’s County Police Department by his brothers March 13 and began firing at the building and vehicles, causing officers to return fire. Police said Ford’s brothers helped him before and during the shootout and used their cellphones to record video of the gunfight.

Killed in the shooting was plainclothes officer Jacai Colson, shot by another officer who did not recognize him and viewed him as an armed threat.

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