EU Has ‘Secret Plan’ To Fly In 250,000 Migrants A Year, Every Year, From Turkey

There is an understanding between Ankara and Brussels that the nations of the European Union (EU) will agree to “quotas” of a quarter-million migrants a year directly from Turkey, claims a German Sunday paper.

The report states there is a clearly understood but little-discussed agreement between the governments of Turkey and the EU over migrant quotas, with so-called ‘refugees’ being flown directly from Asia Minor to their new European homes.

While media coverage of the agreement has mainly focussed on the deportation of migrants from Greece back to Turkey, and the payment of potentially several billion euros to Ankara in compensation, there has been less coverage of migrants being sent from Turkey to Europe. At a rate of 250,000 a year, it seems likely under the agreement Europe may receive more ‘official’ migrants than it is able to send back.