Maryland: Anti-Gun Lawmakers Introduce Most Restrictive Gun Ban in State History

Maryland: Anti-Gun Lawmakers Introduce Most Restrictive Gun Ban in State History

Maryland gun owners once again have a large-scale fight on their hands with the Speaker of the House’s new gun ban legislation, House Bill 1261.  We remember the relentless battle against Senate Bill 281 in 2013, and now anti-gun legislators are trying to take your guns again!   The Speaker is looking to follow anti-gun efforts in other states with the introduction of one of the most restrictive – and unconstitutional – gun ban bills in history.  House Bill 1261 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee, but no hearing has been scheduled.  It is imperative that you contact committee members now with STRONG OPPOSITION to this egregious measure.

House Bill 1261, sponsored by Speaker Adrienne Jones and Delegates Eric Luedtke and Vanessa Atterbeary, would significantly expand the number of firearms that are subject to Maryland’s already extreme prohibition on so-called “assault” firearms.  This includes some of the most popular and commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns in existence.  Further, those who currently possess any of the covered firearms would need to register their guns, facing increasingly steep fees to do so.  Gun owners would be expected to pay upwards of $1,000 per gun to register their firearms.  This outrageous bill, and extreme taxation, is another attempt to prevent law-abiding gun owners from being able to engage in self-defense by making it unaffordable.

Tyrannical attempts to destroy the Constitution never stop with registration.  While registration schemes are never effective in combatting crime, the cataloguing of gun owners and their firearms will facilitate confiscation at some point in the future.

It has been proven time and time again.  Those who are pushing this legislation despise your Second Amendment rights and are doing everything they can to not only restrict your Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but punish you for being a gun owner.  Law-abiding citizens need to be front and center in this fight and make their voices heard loud and clear.  Contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and strongly urge them to OPPOSE this affront to the Constitution.  OPPOSE House Bill 1261!

Stay-tuned to NRA-ILA alerts for a full breakdown of this legislation and its dangerous implications.