Prince George’s Co. Politicians Fight for More Sanctuary Despite 80,000 Illegals and MS-13 Murder of 14 Yr-Old!

The fender bender seemed inconsequential.

Claudia Ramos’s vehicle was struck from behind in Hyattsville as she drove her youngest child to day care. It was more shocking than damaging, she said.

Then someone called the police.

Ramos waited for the Prince George’s County officer who responded to produce a crash report. As the minutes ticked into an hour, she called a relative to pick up her three children. The other drivers left, but the officer told her to stay.


The policy follows an incident last month in which a teenager who had been charged with violent crimes was released by the county’s Department of Corrections, despite a detainer by ICE. Within weeks, the teen was charged with the murder of a 14-year-old Anne Arundel County girl…


Prince George’s County sets limits on cooperating with ICE

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