……DEMS Encourage More Illegal Immigration By Granting Amnesty and Depleting Border Security

Democrats Encourage More Illegal Immigration By Granting Amnesty and Depleting Border Security

In addition to passing a series of amnesty bills last week, Democrats recently drafted a budget proposal that cuts spending in many border security areas, ultimately revealing the recklessness of the party.

As the southern border spirals out of control with a record number of asylum claims and apprehensions, these actions from Democrats are inexcusable. Below are recent initiatives that encourage more illegal immigration into the country and jeopardize the nation’s security:

H.R. 6 (The American Dream and Promise Act):

  • This bill grants a pathway to citizenship to individuals who arrived in the country illegally as minors.

  • This legislation also grants Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) recipients a pathway to citizenship. This amnesty provision applies to ten countries and betrays the “temporary” understanding of the programs.

  • Under this legislation, gang members, illegal aliens who committed serious crimes as juveniles, and those with multiple DUI convictions or misdemeanor firearm convictions, are still eligible for amnesty.

House Appropriations Committee’s Fiscal 2020 Homeland Security Spending Bill:

  • Does not provide any funding for additional Border Patrol agents.

  • Does not provide any funding for Border Patrol checkpoints.

  • Does not provide any funding for border barriers.

  • Provides Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) $1.11 billion less than President Trump’s 2020 request.

With solutions needed to address the record number of children arriving at our southern border, Democrats believe the best strategy is to promise citizenship to children brought here illegally, and end detention of families crossing the border illegally by the end of 2019. They made clear that those who break our immigration laws, including those with criminal records, are rewarded.

Despite pleas for additional border security from our nation’s immigration experts and officials, the Democrats aimed to reduce resources for border security. Without question, their priorities are misaligned with the national interests.