Maryland General Assembly’s Spending Spree Continues



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Maryland General Assembly’s Spending Spree Continues

ROCKVILLE, MD (May 16, 2019) —The Maryland Public Policy Institute today released the following statement in response to Senate Bill 1030 – The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future – becoming law. The bill requires massive new spending on public education with little accountability for how tax dollars are spent. 

“Senate Bill 1030 is the latest chapter in the General Assembly’s practice of spending billions of dollars first and asking questions later,” said Christopher B. Summers, president and chief executive officer of the Institute. “We share Governor Hogan’s belief that the General Assembly’s indifference towards accountability undermines the foundations of public education in Maryland. Maryland taxpayers already spend significantly more than most states on public education – and what we do spend often doesn’t make it to the classroom. The General Assembly’s disregard for spending money wisely should concern every parent who wants a quality education for their child – and every taxpayer who’d like to know their money is being spent wisely.” 

In 2018, the Institute released groundbreaking research showing that the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations on public education reform – most of which are found in Senate Bill 1030 – would dramatically increase government spending and bureaucracy while delivering questionable results for Maryland students and families. Read An Analysis of the Kirwan Commission’s Recommendations by James V. Shuls, Ph.D. The Institute also conducted a statewide survey showing Marylanders did not support new spending on schools if it meant cuts other public services or tax increases. Read Key Findings from Maryland Voter Survey on Education

Governor Larry Hogan on Wednesday allowed Senate Bill 1030 to become law without his signature and criticized the General Assembly for their refusal to identify funding sources for spending increases and for failing to include tough accountability measures to ensure tax dollars are spent effectively. Read Governor Hogan’s Letter to Presiding Officers

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