UPDATE: Towson University Responds to ILLEGAL Alien SGA Scholarship Proposal

This story has been updated with further information. Towson University has officially sent a response to the Student Government Association Scholarship Proposal. See below:

“Towson University does not offer this scholarship. In early May, the Student Government Association gauged student interest and explored their options to create an SGA scholarship program that was never approved and has never materialized.”


Sean Welsh · Director, Media Relations & News

Towson University Marketing & Communications


Their controversial proposal was first reported by the Tower Light newspaper. This statement by the independent, on campus newspaper, (The Tower Light) on February 5, 2018- “SGA allocated $5,000 to a scholarship for undocumented students. Mileo said that the amount of scholarship recipients and the amount of money awarded to each recipient will be determined by the community.”http://thetowerlight.com/sga-updates-student-body-on-progress-of-platform-promises