Maryland Votes to Allow Students to Possess & Use Sunscreen While On School Grounds

Public Schools – Student Sunscreen Use – Policy

Senator Ronald Young Introduced Legislation Requiring County Boards Of Education To Adopt A Written Policy Authorizing Students To Possess And Use Sunscreen, Without Written Permission From A Health Care Provider.“Each county board shall adopt a written policy authorizing a student to possess and use sunscreen on school property or at a school-sponsored activity without written permission from a health care provider… Each county board shall encourage public schools to educate students about sunscreen, sun safety, and th policy established under subsection (b) of this section. (“Senate Bill 217,” Maryland General Assembly, 2/20/18) 

  • Members Of The Maryland Senate Voted Unanimously, 44-0, On Third Reader, To Approve Senate Bill 217. (“Senate Bill 217,” Maryland General Assembly, 2/22/18)

  • Members Of The Maryland House Of Delegates Voted Unanimously 135-0, On Third Reader To Approve House Bill 427; This Bill Is The Cross-file Of Senate Bill 217. (“House Bill 427,” Maryland General Assembly2/27/18)