End The Defense Funding Of ILLEGALS

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Exclusive to WCBM AM 680, Baltimore, MD
Submitted by Steve Smith, Contributing Columnist
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November 11, 2017, Ferndale, MD

A Disgusting Abuse Of Taxpayer Funds By The Government Officials Of Baltimore City

Recently published articles (click here for source content) concerning the use of public funds to protect ILLEGAL immigrants have brought to light the mismanagement of public funds by Baltimore City, as well as other Maryland jurisdictions.

No government funding of an ILLEGAL should be acceptable considering that he / she is here ILLEGALLY.

I’m the first to say that families should stay together. But when you enter the United States ILLEGALLY, you should not expect government funding in defense of your status. Nor should you ask or expect ANY government funding, and no government agency should provide any assistance.

We as a Nation must protect our borders, else we give in to the invaders. The result is that Americans will take a back seat to ILLEGALS, and we will lose our national identity.

My position is that when an ILLEGAL alien is identified we immediately deport that person. If any family members who are here legally and wish to accompany the deportee, that’s their choice. That way families can stay together. If any family members are here ILLEGALLY, then deport each and every one of them.

America is NOT a dumping ground for the rest of the world. We have immigration laws that must be enforced and not flaunted by local or state jurisdictions.

Any public official that ignores Federal immigration laws and supports so-called sanctuary cities should be prosecuted to the fullest extent with no exceptions.

If a change to the immigration law is warranted and desired there is a method to do so — Congress would have to amend existing law and replace it. Until such time the laws as written must be followed to the letter. No state or local jurisdiction has the option to ignore the law of the land.

That’s why we call ourselves the UNITED States of America.

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