BALTIMORE: Gov. Hogan Pushes for Stricter Sentencing Guidelines for Repeat Violent Offenders

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) pledged to push for stricter sentencing guidelines for repeat violent offenders after meeting with Baltimore criminal justice officials Tuesday to discuss the city’s record-high homicide rate.

Hogan, who told reporters that the meeting “got a little heated at times because we were expressing our opinions,” said judges often waive jail time for people with multiple violent-crime convictions and place them on probation.

“We keep putting the same, exact violent people on the streets,” he said. “The average person who has been killed in the city has 11.9 arrests on their record. One day they’re the shooter, the next day they’re the victim.”

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (D), who participated in Tuesday’s meeting, expressed similar frustration with sentencing, saying she would “like to see the judges do what they need to do to keep repeat offenders off our streets.”