Part of Mayor Pugh’s Crime Fighting Strategy: FREE Community College for City Public School Graduates

Mayor Catherine Pugh on Wednesday named a new director of criminal justice and released an updated plan she said will stem Baltimore’s persistent violence.

As the city suffers a record homicide rate, Pugh said the plan is an “enhancement” of the strategy she campaigned on last year.

“I didn’t come into City Hall without a vision,” she said. “I don’t want people to think we came into City Hall without a plan, because we did.”

Pugh laid out several steps her administration has already taken to bolster policing, including putting more officers on patrol and improving police training and technology.

“This is urgent,” she said. “I can’t say it any louder.”

The mayor also called for a holistic approach to fighting crime, to include engaging youth, promoting community health and growing jobs. And she proposed making Baltimore City Community College free for city public school graduates beginning with the class of 2018.