City Of College Park Non Citizen Vote Delayed Due To Threats

COLLEGE PARK, MD (WUSA9) – College Park’s city council decided to delay the debate on non-citizen voting.

The city council will revisit the bill at their meeting on Sept. 12th.

On Tuesday, College Park’s mayor says a delay was likely on action to enact a proposal to allow non-US citizens to vote in the suburban Maryland jurisdiction.

A vote on the issue was scheduled for Tuesday evening, according to the city council’s agenda. A number of city officials have been the recipients of threats and harassment in the wake of national news coverage of the proposal.

However, Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn said threats do not play a role in the expected delay. Instead, there are a number of legal details that still need work, according to the mayor. Wojahn said leaders would like to consider several issues, including whether to restrict voting only to non-citizens who are holders of valid visas or who have permanent residency “green card” status, versus all classes of immigrants that reside in the city.