State Roundup, Aug. 4, 2017

ACTING SECTYs SUE KOPP: Two of Gov. Larry Hogan’s Cabinet secretaries filed a lawsuit against the Maryland treasurer Thursday demanding pay for their work, Erin Cox reports for the Sun. Their action sends a feud between the Republican governor and leading Democrats into the court system, escalating a fight over constitutional limits on Hogan’s power to make recess appointments.

RX POT CONFLICT PROBE: Maryland medical marijuana regulators are asking companies that have received preliminary licenses to grow and process the drug whether they had personal or business connections to the independent experts who graded their applications, Fenit Nirappil of the Post reports. The inquiry follows a report in The Washington Post this week that revealed several ties between evaluators and businesses.

HOGAN SEEKS TO LESSEN AIRPLANE NOISE: Gov. Larry Hogan is urging U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to take action to alleviate airplane noise issues in the state after the Federal Aviation Administration made widespread changes to flight paths. The changes caused state residents to complain — including Bethesda area residents affected by airplanes departing and arriving at Reagan National Airport, Andrew Metcalf reports in Bethesda Beat.