El Salvadoran Man Guilty of Killing Two Baltimore Women

The Baltimore Sun


A Baltimore jury convicted an El Salvadoran man on Monday of first-degree murder in the deaths of two women found beaten and strangled last September.

Elias Josael Jimenez Alvarado, 22, strangled Ranarda Williams, 35, and Annquinette Dates, 48, with his bare hands, prosecutors said. In a combined trial in Baltimore Circuit Court, prosecutors argued that DNA evidence connected Alvarado to both women’s deaths.

Dates was found on Sept. 2 face down beside a backyard playground behind a brick townhouse on Bancroft Road. Police found a wig, a single sock, an earring and a cigarette on the grass beside her. She had a black eye from the struggle before her death. She was the mother of four children and had four grandchildren.

Six days later, officers on patrol were called to the 3900 block of Dolfield Ave., where a woman was screaming. Officers said they found Alvarado over Williams’ body, cornered him in a nearby garage and arrested him.

Williams’ DNA was found beneath his fingernails, prosecutors said. His DNA was found around Dates’ neck, the state’s attorney’s office said during the trial.

Police said Alvarado was in the country illegally, but little else was disclosed about him during the trial.

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