180 Homicides! Hogan to Meet Mayor Pugh, Seeks ‘Any Kind of Possible Solutions’ to Baltimore Violence

A mid a historically high homicide rate in Baltimore, Gov. Larry Hogan said Thursday he will meet with the mayor to discuss how the state could help.

The governor said he has ruled out sending in the National Guard or having Maryland State Police patrol city streets. He blamed the heroin trade and lax gun crime sentencing for driving violence that has so far killed 180 people in the city this year.

Hogan, a Republican, said the state has already provided the city with $64 million to aid crime fighting and designated $50 million more to address the opioid epidemic there, and he signalled more state cash may not be a solution.

“We’ve invested a tremendous amount of money there, more than any other place in the state,” Hogan said during a brief interview. “It hasn’t really worked.”


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