BALTIMORE: Jury Acquits Man Who Pulled Gun on Cops of All Serious Charges

Justin FentonContact Reporter

The Baltimore Sun

A man shot by Baltimore police last fall after authorities said he got out of his vehicle holding a loaded handgun was acquitted Wednesday by a jury of all serious charges related to the incident, his attorney said.

Jurors took about three hours to find Richard Gibbs Jr., 29, not guilty of felony handgun possession, carrying and transporting a gun in a vehicle, and resisting arrest, said defense attorney Richard C.B. Woods.

A judge dismissed a second-degree assault charge before it went to the jury, he said. Gibbs was convicted of driving without a license.

In November, police said Gibbs was pulled over in the 1000 block of N. Monroe St. near the Western District police station because he was driving a car with an “obliterated” license plate.