State Roundup, June 28, 2017

HOGAN CANCELS O’MALLEY LANDFILL RULES: Gov. Larry Hogan said Tuesday night that he has canceled “zero-waste” landfill rules issued by Gov. Martin O’Malley a week before he left office in 2015, Michael Dresser of the Sun reports. Speaking to the annual summer gathering of the Maryland Municipal League, the Republican governor said he was rescinding the policy in response to complaints from local governments.

HOW MD DEMS GERRYMANDERED: Dave Daley of the Atlantic writes about how Maryland Democrats, beginning in 2011, decided to redraw the district boundaries with the intention of kicking Republicans out and giving them the decided advantage in elections for years to come. New court depositions and previously unseen emails uncover just how determined Maryland Democrats were to take a seat from the Republicans and knock 10-term veteran Roscoe Bartlett.