State Roundup, June 6, 2017

BATTLING FOR RX POT BUSINESS: Tracy Jan and Fenit Nirappil of the Post write an extensive article on the hurdles that African-American business people face — even groundbreakers like Darryl Hill — is becoming part of the medical marijuana industry, whether it is growing, processing or dispensing the drug. The article is topped by a video report.

RX POT FIRM SEEKS CLARITY: A company that failed in its bid for a medical marijuana growing license is asking the state’s highest court to resolve an ambiguous order Friday that may have left the state’s medical cannabis program in limbo, reports Bryan Sears in the Daily Record.

DISORDER FROM THE COURT: To those trying to make sense of the dizzying mess that is Maryland’s medical marijuana program, the upshot of Friday’s legal action is that the state’s highest court stopped a lower court from stopping the state from issuing licenses to grow the drug. For the moment, anyway. The editorial board of the Sun opines that courts, however, are not likely to be able to craft a solution that protects and promotes the interests of patients waiting for the drug, the state’s policy goals and the legitimate economic interests of those who have made good faith investments to start growing operations.