Marilyn Mosby: Black Males “Dehumanized by the Very People Sworn to Protect & Serve”

Justin Fenton Contact Reporter

The Baltimore Sun

In some of her most expansive public comments about the Freddie Gray case since dropping charges against the accused officers last year, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby told a Chicago audience that reforms in this city’s Police Department would not have occurred if she hadn’t filed charges…….


She said not enough attention is put on the unemployment rate, the number of vacant houses and the poverty rate, adding that young black males are “routinely dehumanized by the very people that are sworn to protect and serve.”

She also decried a “self-inflicted genocide,” and said people of color are being dehumanized “by everyone, including ourselves.”

Mosby used her prepared comments to criticize President Donald Trump, saying he has “overtly perpetuated” an “ever-increasing racial divide.” She said organizing at the local level is an urgent priority.

“History will be defined by those who resisted,” she said.