State Roundup, May 1, 2017

NO STORY HERE: Former Attorney General Doug Gansler said “there’s no story here” about a series of expensive meals at a Colorado ski resort paid out of leftover campaign funds. Here’s is the story by Bruce Leshan at WUSA TV we totally missed from March 17. Thanks for the delegate asking us the question: “Did we all miss this?” Sure did.

STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS FAULTED: A report released by legislative auditors Friday says the State Board of Elections needlessly exposed the full Social Security numbers of almost 600,000 voters to potential hacking, risking theft of those voters’ identities, reports Michael Dresser for the Sun.

PLAN TO END OUT-OF-STATE PLACEMENT HITS SNAG: An effort to bring back some of the more than three-dozen severely developmentally disabled Maryland youths sent to out-of-state group homes by next month will now take longer than initially promised, writes Bryan Sears for the Daily Record.

RX POT INDUSTRY MOVES FORWARD: Since lawmakers approved medical marijuana in Maryland, the nascent industry has been mired in legal and political controversy.  Black lawmakers said minorities didn’t have a fair chance of getting those licenses. Now the governor has ordered a study. But ForwardGro isn’t waiting to see how it all turns out. The firm in Anne Arundel County has poured more than $10 million into building a state-of-the-art greenhouse in the basin of a reclaimed sand mine, Erin Cox of the Sun reports.