Baltimore County GOP Council Members Fight Back Against Kevin Kamenetz Illegal Immigration Policy

Debate over illegal immigration, sanctuary policies and the roles of federal and local government flared up in Baltimore County after an announcement by three County Council members.

The three Republicans on the Baltimore County Council announced on Tuesday legislation to team up with the federal government and enforce immigration law.

The County Council members said that while this is obviously a political move, it is not politically motivated.

The timing of the event might suggest otherwise, as it comes two weeks after Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz signed an executive order on immigration and policing, a so-called sanctuary policy that he called a direct response to President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration agenda.

Republican Councilman Todd Crandell and colleagues said the measure is modeled after those adopted in Frederick and Harford counties. They said it would cost the county nothing to implement and is something constituents are clamoring for.