“Ya’lls President is RETARDED”…Shameful Salisbury City Councilwoman’s Controversial Facebook Post

SALISBURY, Md.- Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson took to Facebook Thursday night and posted a controversial comment.

Jackson’s comment read: “Ya’lls President is RETARDED… He’s far pass the Holly Center.”

“I just used the Holly Center as a place I know where people have mental illness. I stand by what I said about (President Trump)…” Jackson said. “Maybe I was wrong for using the Holly Center to say something about (President Trump), but I stand by what I said about him.”

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day said this comment was out of character for Jackson.

“Having spent time with them, I know that the patients and providers of the Holly Center are incredible, valuable and loved,” he said. “This statement, while insensitive and careless and indicative of the pitfalls of social media, is not indicative of the heart or values of the April Jackson I know.”

Sandy Miller of Salisbury found the comment “disgraceful.”

“I think it’s a disgraceful statement. Very inappropriate. And not something she should be posting on Facebook,” she said.

Janet Johnson of Princess Anne said: “Bringing up a disabled child and hearing that word all the time is sickening.”



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