Hogan Chooses Not to Fight Legislature on 15 Bills, Including Attorney General Powers

By Len Lazarick

[email protected]

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has chosen not to fight the Democrat-dominated legislature on 15 bills they sent to him early, expecting vetoes on some.

The governor lost a battle Thursday over the Protect Our Schools Act, a bill to set up new standards for failing schools and preempt authority of the state school board. Hogan vetoed the bill Wednesday. Thursday afternoon, the House overrode his veto by a vote of 90-50, and the Senate followed suit with a vote 32-15.

The most surprising among the 15 bills Hogan allowed to become law without his signature is HB913, forcing the governor to put $1 million a year in the budget of the attorney general in order to sue the Trump administration. Hogan had called the bill “horrible” and “crazy.”

Senate Republican Leader J.B. Jennings was not even aware that the governor had let the bill on AG powers become law until informed by a reporter hours after Hogan’s office had released a simple list of bill numbers with no explanation.


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