Baltimore City School System Runs $130 Million Budget Deficit in ONE YEAR!

Gov. Larry Hogan signed a bill Monday to give city schools and other jurisdictions with declining enrollment extra money each of the next three years.

The Annapolis bill signing marked the culmination of a months-long negotiation with Democrats to help stave off future funding cuts to struggling school districts. Fostering the compromise “took a lot of work by a lot of people,” the Republican Hogan said.

Although the law gives all 10 Maryland jurisdictions with declining enrollment more money, the vast majority of the $28.2 million goes to Baltimore. It also comes with several new auditing requirements.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said the $23.7 million for city schools this year is “enough for now” to help close what was once a $130 million budget gap for the school system. The mayor included $22 million in her city budget proposal to help the school system.