EPA Chief: Trump’s Energy Order Sends ‘Pro-Growth, Pro-Environment Message’


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told Fox News’ “Hannity” Tuesday that President Trump’s executive order rolling back former President Barack Obama’s fossil fuel regulations “sends a very pro-growth, pro-environment message.”

Pruitt said the order Trump signed earlier Tuesday marked a return to
“core EPA originalism … advancing air quality, advancing water quality, but doing so with a sensitivity to creating jobs.”

“There’s been a lack of common sense, a lack of sanity with respect to how we’ve done regulations in this country for the last several years,” the former Oklahoma attorney general told host Sean Hannity. “Until [the Obama] administration, the [EPA] worked with states across the country to advance an environmental agenda that was about clean air and clean water, but it also understood that we didn’t need to be antagonistic to economic growth and jobs.”


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