ROCKVILLE RAPE: Why Dr. Smith Must Resign!


MAR 25, 2017 — Dr. Smith, Superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools, needs to resign over his mishandling of the Rockville Rape. Dr. Smith has repeatedly ignored the key issues exposed by this tragedy, and vilified the community in the process. He has called concerned parents racist and xenophobic, just for acknowledging the disturbing detail that at least one of the two perpetrators should not of been here in the first place. Smith isn’t the only one at fault. The county’s sanctuary policies are what brings Illegal Immigrants here in the first place, but the buck stops with the superintendent. It’s a shame, kids no longer feel that being safe at school is a guarantee, but that is the unfortunate reality in Montgomery County, and that perception might be different had Dr. Smith responded more professionally to this incident. How a 14 year old was dragged into the bathroom and brutally raped by two grown men is beyond us at MCTARS. Why does MCPS not constantly monitor the security cameras installed at schools? Furthermore, why was a 17 year old and an 18 year old in a freshman class. These are the questions we are all asking, yet Dr. Smith is refusing to answer them. Even Governor Hogan has been left in the dark by Dr. Smith and MCPS, and it’s absolutely unacceptable.

Thank you for your help in sending Dr. Smith the message that he must resign.