PEW Study Finds Americans, Legal Immigrants Doing Jobs “They Won’t Do”

What’s This? PEW Study Finds Americans, Legal Immigrants Doing Jobs “They Won’t Do” 

Housekeeping, gardening, and construction?  These are all jobs that Americans and legal immigrants are happy to do, according to new study by the Pew Research Center.

The study examined the top industries and occupations in which workers would most likely be immigrants, and without exception found that in all of them U.S. citizens comprised a majority − or vast majority − of the workforce.  Furthermore, when legal immigrants were added in with their citizen co-workers, they comprised the overwhelming majority of workers in all of these professions.  For example, the percent of workers who are legal immigrants and U.S. citizens, by profession:

  • Housekeepers:  78 percent

  • Agriculture:  86 percent

  • Food manufacturing:  87 percent

  • Construction:  87 percent

The relatively low level of illegal immigrants in jobs long believed to only attract illegal immigrants underscores the willingness of legal workers to perform all of the nation’s tasks.  It also implies that better immigration enforcement would create tremendous opportunities for legal workers who would gladly fill positions vacated by illegal aliens.