BALTIMORE CITY: Robberies Up 40% While Aggravated Assaults Up 45% From Same Time Last Year

BY: Kevin RectorContact ReporterThe Baltimore Sun

A woman was randomly surrounded by a group of kids and yanked to the ground by her ponytail. A homeless woman was hit in the face. A third woman and a man were each punched.

Baltimore Police say the attacks were all committed by groups of juveniles near the Inner Harbor late last month. Officers were investigating the trend of attacks when video surfaced this week of a man being similarly surrounded and attacked on Tuesday.

“It’s the same type of method, just assaulting for no purpose — no rhyme or reason — an individual who is walking,” said T.J. Smith, a police spokesman, of the attack on the man near the Charles Center Metro Station.

Nine people — eight juveniles and an 18-year-old man — were arrested in the Tuesday attack, and police hope the arrests will help halt the trend.