‘Day Without Women’: Lunatics Claim Businesses That Don’t Give Day Off ‘Steal the Futures of Our Children’

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The organizers of the Women’s March on Washington are planning another event — a strike day that they are calling “A Day Without A Woman.”

It is set to take place tomorrow, March 8.

They announced it their social media pages last month, writing:

“In the spirit of women and their allies coming together for love and liberation, we offer A Day Without A Woman. We ask: do businesses support our communities, or do they drain our communities? Do they strive for gender equity or do they support the policies and leaders that perpetuate oppression? Do they align with a sustainable environment or do they profit off destruction and steal the futures of our children?

We saw what happened when millions of us stood together in January, and now we know that our army of love greatly outnumbers the army of fear, greed and hatred. On March 8th, International Women’s Day, let’s unite again in our communities for A Day Without A Woman.”


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