State Roundup, February 21, 2017

BILLS LIKELY TO GET BIPARTISAN SUPPORT: Michael Dresser of the Sun reports that amid the partisan sniping between Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and Democrats who run the General Assembly, lawmakers are holding hearings on a number of administration proposals likely to gain bipartisan support. Those proposals include jobs initiatives, environmental programs and crackdowns on crime and drugs.

PROSECUTING REPEAT SEX OFFENDERS: As an upstart candidate for Baltimore state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby went to Annapolis in 2013 pushing a bill to help prosecute repeat sex offenders. Filed late in the session, it had just one sponsor and went nowhere.This year, writes Justin Fenton for the Sun, Mosby is back for a fourth try, with passage in the Senate last year under her belt and now counting the support of Gov. Larry Hogan, who adopted the bill this year as part of his legislative package on crime.

GUINNESS PITCHES MORE BEER: The owner of Guinness beer made a pitch to state lawmakers Monday to increase the amount of beer that can be sold at the brewery it’s planning to open in Relay. The brewery will draw hundreds of thousands of visitors and help “create a Maryland beer halo” that will boost the beer industry, Dwayne Kratt, of the international liquor company Diageo, which owns the Guinness brand, told the House of Delegates Economic Matters Committee during a marathon afternoon of hearings on more than five dozen liquor bills. Pamela Wood of the Sun writes the story.