Delegate Pat McDonough Sponsors Anti-Sanctuary bill entitled, “The Citizens’ Rights Act.”

News Conference

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Immediately following the 10 AM House of Delegates session

1st floor lobby, State House


Citizens’ Rights Act

Delegate Pat McDonough sponsors anti-sanctuary bill entitled, “The Citizens’ Rights Act.” The Citizens’ Rights Act will:


  • Provide an ordinary citizen with the power to file a civil action against an elected official that represents them based on the charge that the elected official, through some action, has violated the federal Immigration Act.

  • Citizens have similar rights currently in relationship to federal law such as the Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act.

  • This law would create a situation similar to the judicial ruling in the State of Washington that placed a temporary restraining order on President Trump’s refugee, or terrorist, program.

  • 9,300 criminal illegals were released from local incarceration without notification to federal immigration. Nine hundred fifty-two criminal illegals were booked for murder.

  • This law would permit a citizen, or group of citizens, in Baltimore City to file an action against the Mayor. ‘Welcoming cities’ is a political, fake, feel-good designation. Baltimore City is not a ‘welcoming city;’ it is a law-breaking city.

  • Citizens are not only victims of unlawful policies, but they will suffer the consequences of tax increases generated by loss of federal revenues.

  • These is no greater ethical violation than for an elected representative to violate the law in a way that has a negative impact on all of those they represent.

  • Illegal immigration impacts jobs, public safety, auto safety, gang influences, drugs, cost of public benefits, and tax increase.