State Roundup, January 11, 2017

OPENING DAY ANGST: Maryland’s General Assembly will convene today while juggling more plot lines than a soap opera, Pamela Wood and Michael Dresser report for the Sun. As the legislature prepares to begin its annual 90-day session at noon, it is grappling with emerging scandals, partisan bickering, internal shuffling and vacant seats. All this accompanies more standard fare, including a yawning revenue gap and expected votes to override a gubernatorial veto regarding energy policy.

MILLER’S ROAD RAGE: Comparing Gov. Larry Hogan to some of the words expressed by tweeter in chief  Donald Trump, Senate President Mike Miller, in an opinion column for the Sun writes that “thousands of Marylanders sit in traffic for hours every day as congestion and gridlock prevent them from getting home and getting to and from work in a reasonable time period. That is why Gov. Larry Hogan’s recent behavior threatening 71 state roads projects is so outrageous.”