Donald Trump’s Top 10 Campaign Moments

President-elect Donald J. Trump surged past his GOP primary competitors and crushed Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton on his way to a landslide electoral victory on Nov. 8. As the year rounds out, Breitbart News has compiled 10 of the top moments from the campaign trail in which Trump was at his peak.

1.) “You’re Going To Get So Tired Of Winning”

A consistent theme of Donald Trump’s populist machine campaign was “winning.” The billionaire businessman and real estate magnate has spent a lifetime doing so, and has made sure people know his storied history of being a winner even when the chips are down.

Trump said at one campaign rally towards the end of the primaries, in Albany, New York:

You’re going to be so proud of your country if I get in. You’re going to be so proud of your president and I don’t care about that but you are going to be so proud of your country because we’re going to turn it around and we’re going to start winning again. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at every level. We’re going to win economically, and we’re going to win with the economy. We’re going to win with military. We’re going to win with healthcare and for our veterans. We’re going to win with every single facet. We’re going to win so much you may even get tired of winning. And you’ll say ‘please, please it’s too much winning. We can’t take it anymore. Mr. President, it’s too much!’ And I’ll say ‘no, it isn’t, we have to keep winning! We have to win more! We’re going to win more!’