State Roundup, October 10, 2016

ON THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: Len Lazarick, in his column for, gives points to Hillary Clinton as “restrained,” adding that she “interacted with the town hall questioners,” while “Trump paced the stage, looming over her, and constantly sniffling and nose-breathing into the mic.”

REACTION TO TRUMP VILE REMARKS: Several state Democratic candidates for Congress, at a joint appearance in Annapolis on Saturday, called on supporters to be “the antidote” to the Republican Party after the release of Donald Trump’s comments about women in a 2005 videotape, Phil Davis reports for the Capital and the Sun. Meanwhile, Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh and Kathy Szeliga, both Republicans, have denounced Trump’s comments without calling for him to step down from the ticket. A spokesman for Gov. Larry Hogan’s office said the videotaped remarks had not changed the governor’s position on Trump — Hogan said in June that he would not vote for him.