Billionaire Phil Ruffin: ‘Trump’s Handshake Is Better Than Any Contract You Will Ever Write’

The Las Vegas magnate who has been Donald J. Trump’s friend and business partner for two decades, told delegates at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Wednesday that Trump’s vision and determination to succeed in business are the skills he needs as president to “Make America Great Again.”

Phil Ruffin, himself a billionaire and the owner of Las Vegas’s Treasure Island hotel, said Trump’s word is his bond. “If Donald tells you something, you can put it in the bank. He’s been my partner and friend–and believe me, his handshake is better than any contract you will ever write.”

It is unfair to denigrate his integrity, he said.

“He pays his bills promptly,” said the developer, who also owns the country’s largest maker of hand trucks. “You won’t hear that: promptly. No discounts.”

The Texas-born billionaire said Trump makes money and puts thousands of people to work in good-paying jobs because he sees opportunities others miss…