MICHAEL SAVAGE: U.S. Fundamentally in a Civil War Right Now

MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: U.S. fundamentally in a civil war right now


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In today’s issue: After leftists rioted at yet another Donald Trump campaign rally, Savage declared the United States is “fundamentally in a civil war right now.”

“I wrote a book called “Stop the Coming Civil War,” because I saw this coming,” he told his listeners.

Savage continued:

Now, I’ve gotta tell you something. If Hillary Clinton wins. … This is the most important election in American history, we all know that.

We have one chance.

As flawed as he is, Donald Trump is our only chance to save America.

I’ve said that from the beginning. I told you that’s why I supported him.

There were those in talk radio who wrapped themselves in the flag and Ronald Reagan and the Constitution, who tried every which way they could to destroy Donald Trump.

Now, of course, they’re making believe they’re for Donald Trump.

But they’re as much the problem, the mainstream functional Republican operatives, as are the illegal aliens.

They’ve done the damage already.

Everything that they said about Trump is now being said by the illegal aliens.

But let’s put aside the enemy within. Let’s put aside the fifth column which operates inside the Republican Party.

They cannot take back their words, nor will I forget their words. Nor should you forget their words. No matter how they wrap themselves in patriotism.

I wrote “Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth” – that was before “Government Zero” – and in that book I warned you that what is happening right now at Trump rallies would be happening across America.

I said the nation is in real trouble and the seeds of a conflagration have been sown.

Of course, this was sown by the deceiver-in-chief in the White House, the most dangerous trickster in the history of America.

And I wrote that it will not be a war of bullets and blood, but one of commitment to freedom and courage of conviction.

There is no longer any chance for political discussion in this country.

The split between right and left is irreparable, and what is happening now is what I predicted for 20 years in my message of borders, language and culture.

And I’ve tried to galvanize every liberty-loving American and warn the enemies of our way of life that, difficult as the path ahead may be, the time has come, the facts are clear, the line must be drawn.

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