Report: Celebs Want to Attend Trump Fundraiser But Fear Retaliation from Liberal Hollywood

Several celebrities and Hollywood executives have expressed interest in attending a fundraiser for Donald Trump in Los Angeles this week but fear possible professional consequences from their liberal colleagues in the entertainment industry, a report claims.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a number of celebrities have attempted to gain entrance to Wednesday night’s pricey fundraiser for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for free — not because they cannot afford it, but because paying for admission would require their names to be made public in campaign finance reports.

The names of the celebrities are not mentioned in the report.

Trump is scheduled to attend a fundraiser at the Los Angeles home of Tom and Rachelle Barrack Wednesday night in what is expected to be the beginning of a concerted fundraising push by the candidate ahead of the November general election. Trump’s Democrat rival Hillary Clinton holds a large lead in fundraising, as the billionaire businessman has largely financed his primary run with his own money.