Immigration is Key Issue in Primary, Especially Among GOP Voters

By Deepa Ramudamu, Alexandra Pamias and Eliana Block
Capital News Service

Immigration has been the focus of much debate during this election season and has been one of the animating issues behind the rise of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Democratic and Republican voters are deeply split over how they view the issue and which candidate they believe is best fit to address it. National polls show GOP voters generally consider illegal immigration to be a more important issue than Democratic voters do.

Self-employed tax accountant Larry Fischel, 64, of Takoma Park, said he voted early for Bernie Sanders at a polling center in Silver Spring.

“We in Takoma Park are very interested in immigration policy,” he said. “We’ve been a leader amongst the nation in allowing non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.”

Allowing non-citizens to vote

Takoma Park is one of six communities in Maryland that allows non-citizens to vote; other cities include Barnesville, Garrett Park, Glen Echo, Martin’s Additions and Somerset.