Take a Moment This Memorial Day 2015 to Remember The Heroes Who Have Fallen in Sacrifice of the United States of America

Memorial Day Address By President Reagan 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2015 Tribute - Star Spangled Banner

Memorial Day - A Tribute

Memorial Day 2015 - Freedom Isn't Free!


Barack Obama Warns Coast Guard Cadets: “We’re Witnessing the Birth of a New Ocean”

Fed-up Ted Cruz Unleashes Frustration on Badgering ‘Sex Obsessed’ Reporter

Gen. Jack Keane: 'We Are Not Only Failing, We Are In Fact Losing This War'

Police and Families React to Recent Media Coverage


Must Watch: What an Honest Interview With Hillary Would Sound Like


White House: Obama's Strategy Against The Islamic State Has 'Overall' Been a Success

Watch: Michelle’s Race-Baiting Shredded By Black Guy Who Gives Her A Must-See History Lesson

Departing Store Owner Rips Town for 'Welfare Lowlifes': 'Goodbye Obamaville...Commie and Candy Ass Capitol of Kansas'

5 Year Old's Touching Gesture Feeds Homeless Man at Waffle House

Reporter Dares To Ask Question Clinton Has None Of It


As Ramadi Falls to Islamic State Terrorists, WH Says Their Momentum Has Been 'Blunted'

Liberal Alan Dershowitz: Obama is a “Foreign Policy Disaster”; Says, “I wouldn’t Let Him Negotiate a One-Month Lease” for Me

NINE DEAD In Biker War in Waco, Texas

Wacko Alan Grayson's Violent Rhetoric

Former ABC Anchor: Stephanopoulos 'Really is Not a Journalist'


'Good Morning Baltimore'

Chris Matthews: Republicans View Hispanics Like They do Amtrak Trains

FNC: Hillary Clinton's Favorability Down 11 Among Independents

Stephanopoulos Hammered 'Clinton Cash' Author Over Accusations Against Foundation to Which He Donated $75,000

Sen. Mike Lee: ABC Not Concerned Its Reporters are Trustworthy


Marco Rubio: "The World is a Better Place when America is the Strongest Country"

Liberals Pounce on Infrastructure Spending After Amtrak Crash

Lib Student Harasses Jeb Bush, Says “Your Brother Created ISIS”

US Starts Training 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels

Suck-Up Late Night Hosts Joke With Bill Clinton About His Plans to Move Back to White House


Amtrak Train From Washington Crashes in Philadelphia

Aerial Footage of Amtrak Reckage

Obama Accuses Fox News Of Spreading Negative Stereotypes About The Poor

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.): GOP Budget Could Cause Baltimore Type Violence

Lib War on Women: Katie Couric to Carly Fiorina: “C’mon, Aren’t You Just Running for a VP Slot?”


Fareed Zakaria: 'Good News' About Islamic State Is Attacks on U.S. Will Be Small Scale

Clinton Foundation Donor Involved In Uranium Deal Flails When Grilled By CNBC Anchors

How Can Hillary Tackle Income Inequality While Bill Getting $500,000 A Speech

Hillary Clinton Supporters Shocked By Her Gender Pay Gap Hypocrisy

Jeb Bush On Pamela Geller: “Not Appropriate To Do What She Did”


WaPo Columnist: Carly Fiorina Answered 200 Questions to Hillary's 7

Say NO to Hillary Clinton in 2016!

CNN: Clinton Foundation's Current Defense Will Not Hold, Tony Rodham Report 'Very Unhelpful'

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani Unloads on Why Police Are Blamed for What’s Going on in Baltimore

Restaurant Holds 'White Appreciation Day'



Steven Crowder: Of COURSE We Should Draw Muhammad

Soldier Subdues Knife Wielding Attacker at College Library

State Dept Spox Grilled After Admitting ‘No Intention’ to Examine Undisclosed Clinton Donors

Rand Paul Talks About ISIS Terrorist Attacks in Texas


SHOCK VIDEO! Radical Imam Tells Pam Geller She Should Be Slaughtered

State Dept Official: Clinton's Use of Personal Email Server 'Not Acceptable'

ABC: Clinton Foundation Event with Human Rights Violating Donors ‘Held in Great Secrecy’

Flip Flop Flashback: Senator Hillary Clinton: I’m ‘Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants’

Bloomberg Reporter: Everybody Knows Clinton’s Private Server Is Unacceptable


CNN’s Cuomo to Rep. Cummings: Aren’t Democrats Responsible for Baltimore Failings?

Pakistani Muslims Mourn Texas ‘Martyrs’ at Funeral

Hillary Clinton Switches Position – Promises More Amnesty For Illegals If Elected

GOP Video Hits ‘Out of Touch’ Clintons for Claim Their Capital Gains Income is Almost Nothing

Hundreds of Strangers Honor Homeless Veteran at Funeral


Obama on Baltimore: ‘No Dispute’ Men of Color Disproportionately Targeted by Police

No Wonder She Didn't Want a Grand Jury: State's Attorney Busted for Malcolm X Approach

FOX Host Pleads With Pamela Geller to Respect Islam & Constrain Herself

Vegas TV Welcomes Hillary Clinton to NV by Noting Her Last Visit Was for a $225k UNLV Speech

ISIS Reportedly Trains “1,000” Kids to Become Suicide Bombers


LOL! CNN Reporter Cuts Interview Short When Baltimore Teen Says He ‘Earns’ Stuff By STEALING IT

‘We Don’t NEED NO CURFEW! We GROWN ASS People!’ – Baltimore Woman

Donna Edwards: Wealth Needs to Spread More in Baltimore

Councilman Goes to Bathroom, Forgets to Take Off His Microphone

PAMELA GELLER GOES OFF on CNN Host: Did Christians Burn Embassies When Jesus Christ Was Put in Jar of Urine?

MSNBC Mocks Bill Clinton’s ‘Gotta Pay Our Bills’ Defense of Making $500K for a Speech


Salon Writer: Blacks Are Allowed To Loot Because “Rage Is a Legitimate Response to Being Mistreated”

Hillary's Typical Nonsense: Responds to Baltimore Riots

Dem 2016 Hopeful Blasts Hillary Clinton for Foundation Scandals, No Accomplishments at State Dept

NBC: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Rejection’ of Past Clinton Policies is ‘Raising Eyebrows’

WH Dodges On Latest Clinton Foundation Disclosure Controversy Involving Foreign Donors


AWFUL… CNN Reporter Blames US War Veterans for Baltimore Rioting

Hillary Clinton and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Two Years

Harry Reid Compares GOP Budget to Nepal Earthquake That Killed Thousands

State Dept Declines to Condemn Iran's Cargo Ship Seizure in the Strait of Hormuz

MSNBC's Hot Takes on Baltimore Riots


Angry Mother Beats Son for Participating in Baltimore Riots

Hannity Grills Baltimore Thug: ‘Is This The Type Of Protest You Want To Be Part of?’

Sheriff David Clarke: Failed Liberal Policies Behind Ferguson, Baltimore Riots

Jeffrey Toobin: We've Seen a 'Shocking Display of Incompetence by The City of Baltimore'

Baltimore Riots: Buildings on Fire, Stores Looted, State of Emergency Declared


BALTIMORE RIOTS: Carnage as Baltimore was Underseige By Savage Thugs!

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Helpless as Able-Bodied Black Rioters Assault Her

Mayor Rawlings-Blake: We Gave “Those Who Wished to Destroy, SPACE TO DO THAT” (VIDEO)

‘Eh, it coulda been WORSE’ – Rep. Cummings Shrugs Shoulders on Baltimore Riot


‘Protesters’ Attack Baltimore Police When Police Try To Make Arrests

Baltimore Protest Leader Jamal Bryant: ‘Police Have Been ISIS To Us…We’ve Been Terrorized’

CONFIRMED: Illegals Flown Here Via Obama Amnesty Will Be Eligible to MILK THE WELFARE STATE

UNREAL: White House Refuses To Answer Whether Hillary Broke Obama Admin Disclosure Guidelines

Judge Napolitano: Clinton's Criminal Actions Far More Serious Than Menendez Crimes


Watch the Obama Administration Mislead the Public on Iran's Breakout Time

Video: Iranian Vessels Heading Closer To U.S. Ships

Sh*t Harry Reid Says

Chelsea Clinton Dodges Question About Foundation Donors With Terrible Women's Rights Records

LGBT Crusader Hillary Clinton Was Against Gay Marriage Back in 2007


Take a Moment This Memorial Day 2015 to Remember The Heroes Who Have Fallen in Sacrifice of the United States of America

Memorial Day Address By President Reagan 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2015 Tribute - Star Spangled Banner

Memorial Day - A Tribute

Memorial Day 2015 - Freedom Isn't Free!


5 Year Old’s Touching Gesture Feeds More Than Just Homeless Man…