5th Planned Parenthood Video: Intact Fetuses "Just a Matter of Line Items" for Planned Parenthood TX Mega-Center

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Trailer For Michael Bay #Benghazi Movie

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Obama in Africa: If I Ran for a 3rd Term, 'I Could Win'

Third Planned Parenthood Video Released: “Huge Trafficking Of Fetal Tissues” From Aborted Babies

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Lunatic Hillary Release Releases Ad on 'Climate Change'

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Planned Parenthood President: 'Most Disgusting Part' About Planned Parenthood Videos is Undercover People Lied

CNBC: FBI Sting Video Shows Chinese CEO Busted on Spy Charges

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Donald Trump Press Conference in Laredo, Texas after Touring the Border

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Rev. Sharpton Mispronounces Name of Famous Biblical Figure


Allen West Explodes Over Iran Deal During Fiery and Emotional Times Square Speech

Trump Schools Anderson Cooper: “The People Don’t Trust You and People Don’t Trust the Media. AND I UNDERSTAND WHY!”

Tech Company Develops Robots to Replace $15 /Hr Workers – Can Produce 1 Burger Every 10 Seconds

Gun Store Owner Bans Muslims From Store

Obama Administration Reaches Final Stages in Plan to Close Guantanamo Bay


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Hero Diner Owner Screams At Crying Child To Shut Up

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Obama Army Chief Of Staff Nominee Says Russia And Iran Are The Greatest Threats To U.S.


Martin O'Malley: Climate Change Created ISIS

Second Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Haggles Over Baby Parts Prices, Changes Abortion Methods

Earnest Quickly Dismisses Question About Planned Parenthood

Trump to McCain: "If there was a Misunderstanding, I would Totally Take that Back"

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Kerry: 'Arms and Missile ... Were Thrown in as Add-Ons' to Iran Deal

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Iraq War Vets Will Return to Fight Islamic State


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Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

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Netanyahu: Nuclear Deal with Iran ‘A Bad Mistake of Historic Proportions’

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Graham Dismantles Nuclear Deal: ‘This Is The Most Dangerous, Irresponsible Step I’ve Ever Seen’ in Middle East Foreign Policy

Cotton: Proposed Iran Nuclear Deal is ‘Terrible, Dangerous Mistake’


Shocking: Large Panera Bread Manager Punches Petite Employee During Confrontation

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State Spox Snaps at, Ignores Reporter Challenging Administration's Russia Stance


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Hillary’s Twisted Take on Private Email Scandal: ‘I Think It's Kind of Fun'

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Obama: Ideologies Are Not Defeated With Guns But With Better Ideas

General Dempsey: 'The Global Security Environment is as Uncertain as I've Ever Seen It'

Wife-Beater SF Sheriff Who Assaulted His Hispanic Immigrant Spouse Says Sanctuary City Policy “Makes Us Safer”

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Couple Married 75 Years Dies in Each Other's Arms

Al Jazeera 4th of July Video Mocks Americans as Fat, Pill-Popping Racists


Shock: Americans Have No Idea Why They are Celebrating the 4th of July

FAKE HATE: Black Activist Arrested for Posting KKK Messages Outside Black Church

Patriot Bikers and Veterans Shout Down Leftist Woman's Anti-Police Rant

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NBC: 'Little Doubt' that Obama Administration Knew About Hillary's Private Email


5th Planned Parenthood Video: Intact Fetuses "Just a Matter of Line Items" for Planned Parenthood TX Mega-Center

Boxer: Planned Parenthood fight 'not about abortion,' it's a 'war on women's health'

Trump: Like every American, "I Fight Like Hell to Pay as Little in Taxes as Possible"

NBC: Polls Show Last Month Was ‘Very Rough’ for Hillary Clinton

Ted Cruz Cooks Bacon With a Machine Gun



Illegal Aliens Paid $1-3 a Day to Clean Detention Center