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1-18 – Merry Wives of Windsor – 3900 Roland Ave

1-18 – Tiger Style – Olney Theatre

2-17 – Balto Ct Restaurant Week

9-11 – Afram – Druid Hill Pk

9-10 – Howard Ct Fair – Fairgrounds

9-10 – Md BBQ Fest – Bel Air

10 – Moonrise Festival – Pimlico

11 – Watermen’s Appreciation – Maritime Museum

13 – Joan Jett, Heart – Merriweather

15, 22, 29 – Outdoor movies at AVAM

16, 23, 30 – Outdoor movies Columbia Lakefront

16-17 – Dragon Boat Festival – Solomons

17 – Hot August Music Festival – Oregon Ridge

17 – Smashing Pumpkins – Merriweather

17-18 – St Gabriel Festival – Little Italy

22 – Sept 1 – Md State Fair – Timonium Frgrds

22 – End of Summer Soiree – Fells Pt

24 – Oct 20 – Renaissance Festival – Crownsville

26 – Pentatonix;The World Tour – Merriweather

28-Oct 6 – Cabaret – Olney Theatre

29 – Sept 1 – Art Antiques & Jewelry Show – Conv Center

31 – Water Lantern Festival – Canton




With the Academy Awards scheduled for late February all the studios have released the films they want to be considered. And all the other ones they know will certainly not be considered. And those they know will go straight to video. Here is a quick review of six major films.   
I’ll begin with Welcome to Marwen, rated PG-13, and starring Steve Carell and Leslie Mann. He’s a war veteran who was viciously beaten in an unprovoked attack back home.. This is a different film to be sure and based on a true story.  Features a lot of animation.
Mary Queen of Scots, rated R, definitely a period piece and starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. It’s about Mary Stuart’s attempts to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth the First of England. It’s well done with great sets and costumes.        
Mary Poppins Returns, last seen in 1964, and very well done.  Is it better than the original, see it and decide. Starring Emily Blunt with cameos by
Meryl Streep, Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury It’s nominated for four
Golden Globes.
Vice is the story of the rise to power of Dick Chaney. It stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams.  I think this is ideal for historians, political folks and movie fans in general. Six Golden Globe nominations. Rated R.
Second Act features Jennifer Lopez as a box store employee who gets a dream job on Madison Avenue with the help of a fake resume. Probably a chick flick. Rated PG-13.
Finally last and certainly least Holmes and Watson. I’ll summarize it in two words – silly and bad. Really a sad excuse for a film. It features Will Ferrell, I’m so tired of his inane acting, and John C. Reilly. Rated PG-13.  
See you at the movies. But no talking.