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MUST SEE! Biden lashes out at town hall questioner in heated exchange: ‘You’re a damn liar, man’ (Video)   Joe Biden EXPLODED in anger at a retired farmer who asked about his son's payouts from a Ukrainian gas company. "You're a damn liar," Biden said before challenging him to "an IQ test." Biden also called the man "jack" and "fat" and "too old." Biden never answered the question. — Trump War…Read More

……Trump Responds: “We will win!”

  ….This will mean that the beyond important and seldom used act of Impeachment will be used routinely to attack future Presidents. That is not what our Founders had in mind. The good thing is that the Republicans have NEVER been more united. We will win! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 5, 2019Read More