Annual EEO Public File Report



Annual EEO Public File Report

WCBM(AM), Baltimore, MD and WQLL(AM), Pikesville, MD


Talk Radio 680 WCBM, the #1 News-Talk radio station in a top 25 market has a rare opening for an Air Talent who can inform, stimulate and entertain an audience.

Interested candidates should know that this is not just a job but also a lifestyle and should be well versed on current events and topics in the news. The next great talk show host will have a special relationship with our listeners and sponsors and will be able to do remote broadcasts, public appearances and personal endorsements. Five years major market experience is preferred with a proven track record of success in generating ratings and revenue. Extensive knowledge of social media and audio editing is a plus. If you want to work for a great family-owned company in an environment designed to encourage creativity and personal growth, rush your air check and resume to:


Sean Casey

Director of Programming & Operations

WCBM Radio

1726 Reisterstown Rd.

Ste 117

Baltimore, MD. 21208


Or email at:


No calls please.


WCBM is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Annual EEO Public File Report

    The purpose of this EEO Public File Report (“Report”) is to comply with Section 73.2080 (c) (6) of the FCC’s 2002 EEO Rule.  This report has been prepared on behalf of the Station Employment Unit that is comprised of the following station(s): WCBM(AM), Baltimore and WQLL(AM), Pikesville, Maryland and is required to be placed in the public inspection files of these stations, and posted on their websites, if they have websites.

    The information contained in this Report covers the time period beginning May 31, 2015 – May 31, 2016 (the “Applicable Period).

    The FCC’s 2002 EEO Rule requires that this report contain the following information:

A list of all full-time vacancies filled by the Station (s) comprising the Station
     Employment Unit during the Applicable Period;

For each such vacancy, the recruitment source(s) utilized to fill vacancy
(including, if applicable, organizations entitled to notification pursuant to

Section 73.2080 ( c) (ii) of the new EEO Rule, which should be separately       identified), identified by name, address, contact person and telephone number;


The recruitment source that referred the hiree for each full-time vacancy during
the Applicable Period;

Data reflecting the total number of persons interviewed for full-time vacancies
during the Applicable Period and the total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source utilized in connection with such vacancies; and


A list and brief description of the initiatives undertaken pursuant to Section
73.2080(c) of the FCC rules.

       Appendices 1, 2, and 3 have been designed, in the aggregate, to provide the

 required information. For purposes of this Report, a vacancy was deemed “filled”

 not when the offer was extended but when the hiree accepted the job offer.  A

 person was deemed “interviewed” whether he or she was interviewed in person or

 over the telephone.


Appendix 1 to

Annual EEO Public File Report Form

Covering the period from May 31, 2015 – May 31, 2016

Station (s) Comprising Station Employment Unit:  WCBM, WQLL

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Appendix 2 to

Annual EEO Public File Report Form

Covering the Period from May 31, 2015 – May 31, 2016

Station (s) Comprising Station Employment Unit: WCBM, WQLL

                       Section 2: Recruitment Source Information


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Appendix 3 to

Annual EEO Public File Report Form

Covering the Period From May 31, 2015 – May 31, 2016

Station (s) Comprising Station Employment Unit: WCBM, WQLL

Section 3: Supplemental ( Non-Vacancy Specific) Recruitment Activities Undertaken

Internship Program

The WCBM-AM and WQLL-AM internship program exposes students to the working environment of a radio station.  Interns are involved in operations for an average of 10 hours per week.  Interns are involved with the stations’ news, production and promotion departments.  In the spring, 2016, WQLL hosted a student from Towson University.

Job Fairs

During the period noted above, WCBM-AM and WQLL-AM participated in three Job Fairs through which a number of people were educated about possible employment opportunities within the broadcasting industry and during which the stations took a number of applications from individuals interested in seeking employment at the stations when the appropriate opportunity for full-time openings occur.

Date Location Station Representative

July 13, 2015 Baltimore Travel Plaza Genaral Manager

Promotions Director

January 18, 2016 Sheraton Baltimore-North General Manager

                                            Promotions Director

April 12, 2016 Sheraton Baltimore-North Promotions Director